Welcome to Food for Thought Nutrition

It is hard to believe what the right nutrition message is as there is so much information out there! I can give you reliable information that is based on research so that you can feel safe that you are getting the correct advice.

I can work with you to identify your goals and form a plan to get you there. I look at your current eating pattern and also your lifestyle to find out what will work for you so that any changes we make are suited to you as an individual.

I believe in a non- diet approach to nutrition and promote a healthy relationship with food and mind that is not strict and rigid but healthful, nourishing and enjoyable.

I can help with:

Your overall health and well-being

Sports nutrition

Disease prevention and management (Type 2 Diabetes , Cardio Vascular Disease, Osteoporosis)

Vegetarian and vegan nutrition

Intuitive and mindful eating

Child and teen nutritional health

“I was looking for a plan to lower cholesterol through diet and exercise, Stephanie provided dietary recommendations and along with exercise, I have managed to lower my cholesterol levels by 40%. This has been confirmed via blood test.”